Are you letting your struggles win instead of getting real with yourself and running in the freedom you deserve? We all face obstacles in our lives, but the first point of breakthrough comes when we face ourselves.

The #faceyourself campaign was launched out of a passionate desire to see people face their struggles and start living in the wholeness that is available through Christ. As Matthew takes on the World Marathon Challenge, a grueling 7 marathons across 7 continents in 7 days, he will be training to face all of the obstacles head-on. As he walks through these 7 challenges over the next 7 months, we will push through these obstacles and set the standard for freedom as we enter 2017.

The first point of breakthrough comes when you face yourself. Join us monthly, beginning in July of 2016 and ending in January of 2017, as we face 7 challenges in preparation for the new year. Each month we will face a different challenge as we seek to conquer some of life’s toughest obstacles.

#FaceYourself alongside Matthew Barnett and 7 other challengers as we train together for restoration and wholeness.


Pain vs. Peace

Many times throughout our lives, we allow fear of pain to stunt our growth – but if we are willing to run through it, our pain will not be wasted. Let your pain push you to find solutions and find peace in Jesus. Follow along as we go through the process of pain to find the pace of peace.

Insecurity vs. Confidence

Insecurity is a daily challenge that we all face, no matter what season of life we are in. We can awaken confidence by consistently accomplishing little goals that we set for ourselves. With each small victory, momentum is gained and confidence is built. Be a part of the movement towards confidence.

Weakness vs. Strength

The first step to building strength is admitting that there is weakness in your life. When we choose to face our weaknesses, we often find that we are stronger and capable of taking on challenges we never imagined we could overcome. This month, let’s face our weaknesses together and uncover our strength.

Discouragement vs. Motivation

Nothing clouds your mind and saps your energy like discouragement. The most motivating moments often come right after pushing through a challenging situation and eliminating distractions. Together we will learn how to regulate our thoughts and find motivation in something more consistent than our feelings.

Frustration vs. Patience

It’s easy to allow life circumstances to give rise to frustration, but consistency is key to developing patience. Appreciate the process – breaking records doesn’t happen overnight. Join us as we learn to combat frustration with patience and as it says in James 1:4, “Let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

Opposition vs. Perseverance

Opposition comes in many different forms and is often dominantly comprised of self-imposed limitations. Many times, we are only confined by the walls we have built ourselves. But we are not made to settle in our comfort zones – we are designed to test boundaries, face opposition, and persevere. Take a stand and persevere this month as we face opposition and overcome.

Fear vs. Courage

Courage isn’t gained overnight – it develops in layers, one small victory at a time. Often we are crippled by fear of the unknown, but once we discover the power of courage, we learn to truly “walk by faith and not by sight,” as Paul urges in 2 Corinthians. It’s time to take back the ground we lost when we allowed fear to run our lives and instead choose to live courageously.

Thank you for facing your challenges with us this year as we pursue restoration and wholeness in Christ. We are excited to announce that we have the opportunity to share these stories and challenges on national television through Daystar network, where we will be airing episodes every Sunday night at 7:30 PST/10:30pm EST. As we celebrate the redemption of 2016 and enter the New Year with hope and expectancy, make sure to check out www.dreamcenter.org/daystar for more information and to watch the full 30-minute episodes.

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